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Be A Super Reader

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For ages 12 & younger

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Meet the super reader squad

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Dewey is a curious creature, full of wonder. Books help Dewey make exciting discoveries every day. To Dewey, every word is interesting, no matter how big or small. Wow, Dewey just learned something new.

Dewey Coloring Page

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Fan loves stories. Fan's favorite stories are about friends, animals, animals with friends, the ocean, the sky, counting, art, people from far-away places, wizards, and birthday cakes. Is that all? Nope.

Fan Coloring Page

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You'll always find Turner's nose in a book. Turner gets completely lost in any story and is easily transported into other worlds. When Turner is reading, nothing is a distraction. Turner? Turner? See, still reading.

Turner Coloring Page

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Blink will read anything in sight. A sign. A cereal box. A wall. And books. Especially, books! You name it, Blink will read it. Sometimes all at once.

Blink Coloring Page

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Alpha is a reading machine, reading book after book with laser focus. Alpha gets energy from reading. Sometimes, it's hard for Alpha to power off, especially at bedtime.

Alpha Coloring Page


Hey kids, watch out for the Mind Munchers. These pesky creatures thrive in the summer months, munching on inactive minds of innocent children. How do you keep the Mind Munchers away from your brain? Easy. All you have to do is read. Reading keeps minds active, healthy and strong. Mind Munchers hate that.

mind-munchers mind-munchers mind-munchers mind-munchers mind-munchers mind-munchers mind-munchers mind-munchers

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