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Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Library, located at 310 W. Locust St., opened in 1971 as the Locust Library. In 1973 the library was re-dedicated in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Martin Luther King Library features:
  • Desktop computers with internet access and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Laptop Computers for use within the library.
  • Free Wifi throughout the building
  • Entertainment DVD movies for all ages as well as books on CD and non-fiction DVDs.
  • A sizable collection of permanent art, some pertaining to Dr. King, and a unique accordion book by Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. which contains Dr. King’s most noted quotations and adinkra symbols associated with the Ashanti people.
  • A large meeting room space open to the public for community meetings and neighborhood programming.
  • Originally introduced in 1989 as “Black Role Models in Milwaukee,” the Milwaukee Leaders collection honors those chosen by members of the community as exemplifying strong role models for their own generation and for those that follow.
  • Printing, faxing and scanning service
  • Curbside service is available. Please call the curbside pickup phone number on-site in the parking lot.

Learn more about the history of the Martin Luther King Branch on the Now@MPL Blog.

Milwaukee Public Library and project architect Moody Nolan are interested in hearing from you, the patrons of the Martin Luther King branch library about the interior design and features of the new King branch currently in development. The new branch will be larger, with better access to technology, and will feature flexible spaces similar to our other new branches in the system like at East, Mitchell, and Good Hope. Opening in 2023, the new building will be part of mixed-use facility built upon the current site. Please see the survey below to tell MPL what you would like to see and experience in the redeveloped branch.