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Celebrate National Pollinator Month

Pollinator Month
June is Pollinator Month, and MPL has exciting books and videos for all ages!

Pick up one of the recommended titles from these booklists:

Bees, Bats, & Buds | print pdf
Pollinator Month - Kids & Teens | Adults | print pdf


MPL hosted gardening expert Melinda Myers for virtual webinars focusing on creating a supportive environment for our pollinator friends. These programs are funded by American Transmission Company, which has a dedicated Grow Smart 2022 webpage with even more videos, activities, and resources for all ages. 

Watch the video Supporting Native Bees with Melinda Myers on the library's YouTube page.

The plight of the honeybee has been in the news for years, but our native bees are just as important for the pollination of many of the flowers and foods we eat. There are nearly 20,000 known bee species in the world – 4,000 of them are native to the United States and 500 have been identified in Wisconsin. Learn more about these important pollinators and how to attract and support them in your gardens.  This webinar is free, but registration is required. Thank you to American Transmission Co. for sponsoring this webinar. #GrowSmart22 

Watch the video Maintaining Your Landscape with Pollinators in Mind with Melinda Myers on the library's YouTube page.

You can have a landscape that you and pollinators enjoy. A few changes to the way we maintain our plants and manage insect pests and diseases can help create a safe environment for pollinators. We’ll cover pollinator-friendly care to keep your landscape healthy and looking its best throughout the year. Then we’ll explore ways to manage the space without harmful chemicals to keep plants and visiting pollinators healthy.  This webinar is free, but registration is required.  Thank you to American Transmission Co. for sponsoring this webinar. #GrowSmart22  

Watch the video Creating a Pollinator's Paradise with Melinda Myers on the library's YouTube page. 

See all the videos available from the Melinda Myers gardening series on the library's YouTube page.


Library Videos 

National Pollinator Month: A Butterfly's Life Cycle
Celebrate National Pollinator Month with the library by picking up a booklist at your local Milwaukee Public Library branch or just celebrating our little helpers by watching one of our pollinator videos! This video features footage by Kaira Thomas, a local butterfly enthusiast, and sister of one of our librarians at MPL.

National Pollinator Month: Beehive Tour
Take a beehive tour with our local beekeepers to celebrate National Pollinator Month! In early May, the beekeepers conducted a hive inspection to prepare the bees for the summer months. You will get to see the inside of a hive and bees in various stages of development. What pollinators can you spot around our city?