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Close Zablocki Parking Lot Closed as of Monday, April 19, 2021

The parking lot at the MPL Zablocki Branch will be closed for a construction project. The front entrance on Oklahoma Ave. will remain open and curbside service is available. Learn more.

Center Street Parking Lot Closed as of Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The parking lot at the MPL Center Street Branch will be closed for a construction project.
Street parking is available on 28th Street. Learn more.

Milwaukee Public Library Hours & Locations Close

Transparent Language

Transparent Language

Transparent Language

With over 110 language paths available and 16 English-as-a-Second-Language modules, Transparent Language offers many possibilities for improving anyone’s language skills for school, travel, international business or cultural awareness.  New users are asked to create an account using a desktop computer. Returning students will be asked to log into the account to keep track of progress.  Once an account is created, clicking on the “Go mobile” link offers instructions for using Transparent Language on iOS or Android devices. Signing up for notifications allows the program to send a reminder when a lesson hasn’t been completed.  Most classes are oriented towards native English speakers, but 37 additional languages (besides English) offer training designed for Latin American Spanish speakers.   New arrivals can study for citizenship with the American Citizenship Test Prep Course, by changing the learning language to “English” and selecting “Browse.” Provided by the Milwaukee County Federated Library System.

Library subscription. Available to all library card holders in Milwaukee County.