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Cookbooks, historic recipes, and fresh new cocktail inspiration: all of it awaits you here. Whether you want to indulge your sweet tooth, explore a new cuisine, or find new creative ways to imbibe responsibly, let the library guide you and your taste buds into to flavor town. 

Historic Recipe File

For more than 20 years, from the 1960s until the 1980s, librarians at the Milwaukee Public Library clipped hundreds of recipes from the Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel. These recipes were heavily used at Ready Reference to answer telephone questions. Before recipes were readily available on the internet, someone in the Milwaukee area looking for a particular recipe or cooking technique would call Ready Reference.

These clipped recipes form the nucleus of the Historic Recipe File digital collection. Many of Milwaukee’s favorite foods appear in the recipes in this collection. This collection provides a fascinating glimpse into the local and ethnic foods that were popular in Milwaukee from as long as 50 years ago.

This digital collection is a work in progress and additional recipes will continue to appear as they are converted into digital files. If you have questions about the recipes in this collection, please contact MPL’s Business & Technology Department at (414) 286-3051.

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