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Milwaukee History Clipping Index

This subject listing of people, places, events, etc. represents newspaper articles clipped from Milwaukee area newspapers published mainly in the middle to late 20th century.


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Index last revised on March 18, 2021

This subject listing of people, places, events, etc. represents newspaper articles clipped from Milwaukee-area newspapers during the 20th century. Librarians selected articles of local importance and assigned subject headings; staff cut the articles out of the newspaper. The clipping process was not comprehensive, but the resulting files do offer a representative sampling of the newspaper coverage of the Milwaukee area's people, places, and events during much of the 20th century. Some files have only one article, some have many.

Most of the coverage dates from the 1950s to the 1980s; however, work is under way to expand coverage of this index to also cover an earlier set of newspaper clippings dating from the 1920s to the 1950s. We'll post regular revisions on an ongoing basis as this earlier content grows, so watch this page for the latest update!

Accessing the Articles

For the vast majority of subject entries, which date from the 1950s to the 1980s, the actual articles or photocopies may be requested in advance for use in the Frank P. Zeidler Humanities Room of the Central Library; to request clippings files or for additional information please call 414 286-3061.

Articles for the growing number of entries pointing to "Newspaper Clippings (microfilmed 1962)" can be obtained at the Periodicals Service Desk at Central Library by asking for the "Newspaper Clippings" microfilm that date from 1962 and specifying the reel number given in the index entry.

Copies of the newspaper clippings files referenced in this index are available for purchase through MPL's DITTO Copy Service.

Tips for Using the Index

Click on the "Access the Index" link at the top of this page to open or save the spreadsheet.

Browsing - Use the "numerals" and "A-Z" tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to browse the alphabetical contents of the index.

Searching a term across the entire index:
1. To search a word or a string of letters across the entire index, press the "Ctrl" key and the "F" key on your keyboard at the same time to bring up the "Find and Replace" dialog box.
2. Click "Options" and adjust the "Within:" setting to search the "Workbook "rather than the default option, which is to search within just the current "Sheet".
3. Click the "Find All" button and search results will appear in the lower section of the dialog box. (You may wish to click  in the lower corner of the box and drag down and out to expand the box for better viewability.)
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