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Women's History Month: Ruth Dunham Cortell, educator

By heather on Feb 27, 2014 3:26 PM
Photograph of MATC building by Royalbroil.
Ruth K. (Dunham) Cortell was a social studies and history teacher for Milwaukee School of Vocational and Adult Education, also known as Milwaukee Vocational and Adult Schools (MVAS), and today known as Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC). Mrs. Cortell was born 31 January 1902. She graduated from University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1933. She taught at MVAS/MATC from 1933 to at least 1963. She was elected vice-president of the Wisconsin Association for Vocational and Adult Education in 1953. Mrs. Cortell wrote numerous articles in national education about her unique teaching and educational ideas. She was a strong proponent of teaching civics, history, and social studies not only in elementary and secondary schools, but in post-secondary and adult education. Milwaukee Public Library has a small manuscript collection of Mrs. Cortell's theses, articles, and other teaching materials. This collection of research and preparation materials demonstrates Mrs. Cortell's dedication to her work as a teacher and provides a unique window on teacher preparation, continuing education for instructors, and the vocational school experience. Read the finding aid online in our Special Collections Finder database. Please contact the Humanities Department at 414-286-3061 to view these materials. Submitted by Louise at Central.

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