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Historic Newspapers

Milwaukee Public Library has extensive print and microfilm holdings of historic Milwaukee newspapers, from the major daily newspapers to local minority and ethnic press publications.

Major Daily Newspapers     Ethnic and Minority Press     Alternative Press

Major Daily Newspapers

Microfilm of the Milwaukee Sentinel (1837-1995), The Milwaukee Journal (1882-1995), and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (1995-present) is available for use in the Periodicals Department at Central Library.

The following resources offer indexing or full-text searching for some years of Milwaukee's major daily newspapers and other Wisconsin newspapers, as indicated.

Milwaukee History Clipping Index
This subject listing of people, places, events, etc. represents newspaper articles “clipped” from Milwaukee area newspapers from the 1930s to the 1980s, primarily The Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel newspapers.

- Print indexes -

Milwaukee Sentinel Index, 1837-1890
Alphabetical card catalog index to the Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper, located in the Periodicals Room near the West windows. Alternate formats for this same indexing include print and microfilm (1837-1879 and 1880-1890), both of which reproduce images of the cards.

Milwaukee Newspaper Digest (1880-1881)
016.070 M662
Indexes The Evening Wisconsin and Milwaukee Sentinel newspapers for 1880-1881. The Evening Wisconsin was Milwaukee's highest circulating daily newspaper at the time.

The Milwaukee Journal Newspaper Index, 1915-1917
071.7595 M6675 (print), located at Frank P. Zeidler Humanities Room reference desk. Indexes articles, obituaries and death notices. The Milwaukee Journal (microfilm) is located at the Periodicals Service Desk.

Newspaper Index: The Milwaukee Journal (1976)
071.7595 M662
An index to The Milwaukee Journal newspaper for January-December 1976 only.

Milwaukee Journal State/Regional News Index (1979-1980)
071.7595 M668
An index to state and regional news articles in The Milwaukee Journal newspaper covering January 1979 to December 1980.

- Online Databases and Websites -

19th Century U.S. Newspapers
19th Century U.S. Newspapers, from Gale, provides access to historic primary source newspapers, featuring full content and images from numerous urban and rural publications throughout the U.S. Wisconsin newspapers are well represented, including significant runs of The Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee Sentinel, and Wisconsin State Journal. Library subscription database. Available for use within MPL libraries and for remote use by City of Milwaukee library cardholders.

Google News Archive: Milwaukee Journal (1884-1995)

Google News Archive: Milwaukee Sentinel (1910-1995)

Google News Archive: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (1995-2007)

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Historic Archive is provided by Google News Archive and is once again available. The digital holdings covers the Milwaukee Journal from 1884 to 1995, the Milwaukee Sentinel from 1910 to 1995, and the merged Milwaukee Journal Sentinel from 1995 to 2007.

Newsbank: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  (1990-present)
Trying to find an old article from a Milwaukee newspaper? With NewsBank, you can find articles that were published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (from 1990-present) and other Wisconsin, national and world newspapers.

NewspaperARCHIVE (Milwaukee coverage: 1836-1929; Wisconsin coverage: 1813-2016)
These newspapers, from every state in the U. S. and around the world, supply great sources for primary history and genealogy accounts. More than 700 Wisconsin newspapers are included, and Milwaukee is represented by the Milwaukee Sentinel, the Milwaukee Daily American, the Wisconsin Banner and approximately 40 others. HINT: Try all versions of a newspaper's name. For example, the Milwaukee Sentinel appears under multiple listings, such as the Daily Sentinel and Gazette, Milwaukie Sentinel, and the longest span appears as the Milwaukee Daily Sentinel. Browse by geography to reach the page from which you can search all of the included Milwaukee newspapers, spanning 1836-1929. Provided as part of Wisconsin's BadgerLink program.

See also the Obituaries & Death Notices page for information on those newspaper-based genealogy resources.

Ethnic and Minority Press

Milwaukee African American Newspapers and Magazines at MPL, 1916-present

Milwaukee Ethnic and Minority Newspapers at MPL, 1883-present

Milwaukee German-language Newspapers at MPL, 1845-1991

Alternative Press

The Kaleidoscope was an underground newspaper published in Milwaukee from 1967 to 1971.