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A Gift to the Future - New East Branch Time Capsule

By Beth G on Jun 23, 2014 9:40 AM

On June 20, 2014 we placed a time capsule filled with every day library items in the walls of the new East Branch Library.  The time capsule is made out of an empty paint can and will be registered with the International Time Capsule Society at Oglethorpe University.

East Library staff members selected objects that may seem ordinary, but will tell our story to future generations.

The capsule will live within the walls until a date far in the future when the building is re-purposed or when future citizen's of Milwaukee decide they want a glimpse at library life in 2014.


Sonia Denise Hampton commented about 1 year ago...
"How about that!" A time capsule, how interesting, oh. . . what will those future generation youngsters think of our 2014. . .? From the items listed 2014 sounds of a very responsible Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

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