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Library Development

Milwaukee Public Library is replacing four branch libraries with new library facilities that will be part of mixed-use projects.

The libraries to be replaced are:

Forest Home, 1432 W. Forest Home Ave.
Mill Road, 6431 N. 76th St.
Martin Luther King, 310 W. Locust St.
Capitol, 3969 N. 74th St.

The four new facilities will help the city continue to improve library service and save ongoing operating costs, while anchoring catalytic community development projects for each of the neighborhoods and business districts in which the projects are located.

Milwaukee Public Library has replaced two branch libraries in the last three years:

The Villard Square Branch opened in 2011.  



The East Branch opening in the fall of 2014.




Mayor Tom Barrett, the Common Council and the Library Board of Trustees have dedicated $18 million to the redevelopment project. The library will spend about $4.5 million for each new library facility within four mixed-use developments. Read more about the project in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's story.