Free, Fun, Unquiet Events

Go ahead, be loud in the library. Even scream and shriek if you want. Especially for our upcoming Haunted Central, the next big Library Loud Days event. We’re taking the old notion of the sleepy, quiet library, the place where the only noise is someone telling you to “shush,” and making it a thing of the past.

We’re changing the very definition of a library. And our Library Loud Days (an ongoing series of concerts and events) is part of this change. We’re turning the Milwaukee Public Libraries into lively (even screaming) gathering places. Places to converse and explore. Places filled with movies, music, art, e-books, e-mags, laptops, and of course, a couple million books.

So come, join us and experience what the new definition of a library is all about. And leave your inside voice behind when you enter.

Haunted Central

814 W. Wisconsin Ave.-October 22–23

For two days, starting Saturday, Oct. 22 at sundown (5:57pm) at the Central Library, we’re turning the library into one giant haunted house for all ages. There will be “haunted-themed” activities throughout. And of course, the main attraction, the truly haunted part, is an actual part of the library no one ever sets foot in. And for good reason. We call it, the Forbidden Fourth Floor. Enter, if you dare.


Central will close at 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 22 to set-up for the event. The library will re-open at 5:57 p.m. Beware!

Saturday, Oct. 22: 5:57pm – 10pm
Sunday, Oct. 23: 1pm – 5pm

Free Admission

Spooky Activities

Library First Floor

Welcome Desk: Enter the Great Pumpkin Drawing

Mozart's Grove: Sleepy Hollow Photo Booth

Media Room: Screening of "The Blob"

Children's Room Candy Haunted House Workshop

Grey Rotunda Elevator to the Forbidden Fourth Floor Tour

Schoenleber Reading Room Spooky Mask Making

Bring your LOUD voice to the Literary Scream Contest Saturday Only 7-8pm with Local Celebrity Judges

Library Second Floor

Humanities Room: Haunted Lighthouses & Sunken Ships

Rare Books Room: A Ghostly Experience

Art, Music & Recreation Room: Classic Horror Movie Posters"

Grey Rotunda Meet here for Stargazing on the Green Roof (Saturday only, weather permitting)

Business Room "Bone Appetite" Popcorn Truck, Graveyard Story Time, Believe it or Not! and Peculiar Patents for Creepy Contraptions

Library Loud Days Future Events

As part of Library Loud Days, your local library will be putting on events (big and small) throughout the year. To stay current, bookmark this page. Or follow us on social media. And of course, make a visit to your local branch to see and learn more. #LibraryLoudDays

View photos from our past events here!

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