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Celebrate National Public Health Week April 5-11

By MPL Staff on Apr 5, 2021 8:00 AM

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the health and wellness not only of yourself, but also your community?  National Public Health Week might just be the opportunity you are looking for to do just that!

During this continuously changing and oftentimes frightening pandemic, national health and the health of our communities is of upmost importance.  Sometimes it can feel as if there is nothing  we can do as regular citizens to help improve public health in our communities and across the country. National Public Health Week demonstrates that we all can make a difference. The first full week of April of every year is dedicated to national public health and the American Public Health Association puts together materials and downloadable factsheets on the National Public Health Week website to raise awareness about public health, prevention, etc.

Every day of this week has a theme dedicated to health issues faced by the public, provides action plans for public involvement and how communities can highlight what has already been accomplished in the area of public health. This year's daily themes are as follows:

Monday April 5th: Rebuilding

Tuesday April 6th: Advancing Racial Equity

Wednesday April 7th: Strengthening Community

Thursday April 8th: Galvanizing Climate Justice

Friday April 9th: Constructing COVID19 Resilience

Saturday April 10th: Uplifting Mental Health and Wellness

Sunday April 11th: Elevating the Essential and Health Workforce. 

Each day focuses on four areas: science, action, health, and justice. Within these areas readers are given information on how everyday people can make a difference in their communities and across the nation.

If you still have questions after visiting the NPHW website, the Milwaukee Public Library’s free databases may have the answers.  MPL has several medical/health-related databases:

AHFS (American Hospital Formulary Service) Consumer Medication Information (patient medication/drug information)

Alt HealthWatch (alternative/holistic medicine)

Consumer Health Complete (medical information for the layperson)

Health Source-Consumer Edition (provides health information from popular periodicals)

Medline (provides medical and health information from the National Library of Medicine)

Public health, both physical and mental, is something we can all participate in improving and enriching.  National Public Health Week is not only a fine opportunity to take inventory of our personal and community needs, but also to find out how we can help others. The Milwaukee Public Library provides assistance in finding health-related materials and information and guides people to organizations and resources that will help improve health and wellness.

Beth W.
Librarian, Business/Technology/Periodicals

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