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Milwaukee’s Long History of Race and Inequality

By MPL Staff on Aug 15, 2016 4:10 PM

Last year, NPR tried to figure out why Milwaukee is so bad for black people. Earlier this year, the Toronto Star suggested that Milwaukee’s racial segregation makes it seem as though the city is stuck in the 1950s. And, just this week, Vox published an article arguing that this past weekend’s protests and violence were not the result of a single shooting but were instead one consequence of decades of racial segregation, discrimination, and inequalities.

NAACP Youth Council marches with Fr. James Groppi (MPL Historic Photo Collection)

There are countless other articles and blog posts all over the internet about these and similar topics. Many of them are well-researched and thoughtful, but many likely are not. If you’d like to gain a deeper understanding of the context surrounding what has been happening in Milwaukee, take a look at the books listed below. They cover Milwaukee history, urban history more generally, African American history, and related topics.

Submitted by Liz @ Central Library

BRUCE JOHNSON commented about 5 years ago...
Thank you MPL---very proud to see this timely post. I had the pleasure of working at Central and Finney in the late 1980s and regularly check the MPL site to see what's happening at the Library. My heart sank when I learned of the recent troubles in the City I called home for fifteen years----and I was reflecting on what's changed and more importantly what's not since I left Milwaukee and Wisconsin nearly twenty years ago. I'm proud of our profession---the Library as a neutral place in the community to explore the present and the past and to try and gain a bit of perspective.

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