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Mayor Tom Barrett

Mayor Tom Barrett

A Message From Mayor Tom Barrett

Lifelong learning begins at birth. Creating an environment that fosters development at every stage of life is a primary goal for the Milwaukee Public Library.  In 2012, the library enrolled 21,000 children in the summer reading program encouraging literacy skills and a love of reading.  Another important component in reaching children and families that might not visit the library is our outreach efforts. 81 summer program sites including Milwaukee Public School’s summer school and the Boys & Girls Club participated in summer reading through library outreach. Through the Ready to Read and Books2Go programs which offer literacy skills training and an ongoing supply of books from our collection, we reached 32 childcare sites and more than 1,000 registered Books2Go sites serving children birth to preschool age. And in our libraries we celebrated culture, black history, marine history, Dr. Seuss and the fall harvest in just some of the thousands of free programs for children and adults.

Lifelong learners build and strengthen our community, neighborhoods, schools and employers.  Together we will create the next generation of lifelong learners at the library.

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