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From the Depths of Central Library: Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes

By MPL Staff on May 12, 2014 10:22 AM




When is a book not a book? Don't worry, this isn't some existential question or a rallying cry for (or against) e-books, but merely an interesting question posed by the item featured in today's review: Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes. It's not exactly a book, really. It's a set of recipe cards, tied together with a piece of string, with little faux hand-written notes printed in the margins. It's a little odd, no doubt. While the recipes themselves are quite interesting and historic in terms of ingredients, actual cooking methods are left entirely vague. The phrase 'cook' is used more than once as a direction with no indication as to relative temperatures. This is definitely not a modern cookbook, designed for modern kitchens. Or to be more precise, it was designed for modern kitchens some time ago.


What are especially odd are the little faux hand-written notes. Some of them are just borderline random. Seriously, take a good look at the one on the ends of the card above:


This is one of the more unique items in the library collection that sits outside the Rare Books room. So why not stop by the Central Library at 814 W. Wisconsin Avenue sometime soon to check it out? Reference use only, of course, but there are more old cookbooks available, both reference and for check-out!

Tim @ Central

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